Where is the community going?


I am one that has seen a huge change in our community over the last 20 years and some of it good and some is not. After teaching over 9 or 10 thousands of people that come to my class at the Lair de Sade over 12 years has taught me so much. Life is a con stance change and more and more people are coming into our life choice every day. We are no longer hidden in the closet and we are wide open for all to see.

I welcome this and can’t say that yesterday was better than today as we have to grow as a community and as we begin to think out of the box. The only thing that I see what is happening is that we have lost a lot of compassion for others. That will happen when you so many new people coming into a life choice without really understanding what the people in the past did to lay down the path for today’s community.

We have changed as a community because our community has crossed countless boarders because of the internet and we have the ability to right out to millions of likeminded folks. Our way of life has change and I embrace this change as we can only grow from it. The past has gotten us to today and for now all we can do is educate all that are coming in and embrace them with love and understanding. Life is always in a motion of change without the change we would be sleeping in caves.

As, I have coined this phase many years ago at Dom Con as a group of vanilla people sat across our table with questions on their faces. I walked up to the table and said “I think you have lots of questions”? One of the gentleman at table said “Yes, what is going here?” I replied to him “There is not a street that someone is not being tied to a bed, blindfolded and spank as we are not different then yourself. The looked into his eyes as he smiled and it forever changed my life. We all started vanilla and we all made a choice to join this community of likeminded people. We all have made mistakes as we continue our BDSM path and the lessons that we have learned is priceless.
I, for one love the way our community has grown as I now have friends all over the world as we share with each other our love and understanding. Every community has to evolve and move in the direction that will change all of forever. We must never forget the human factor in what we do and never forget kindness and know that all of us are learning valuable lessons about who we are. Yes, we are community but also individuals with our own way of looking life itself. We create our own path and control our own life as we make choices. We can choose to make a difference and follow the pack or we can choose to create our thoughts from a place of individuality and common sense. We were all born and will all die someday but it what you do here while you are breathing matters. Go with the flow of change or hold on to the past is a personal choice. I welcome all the new people that find this life choice something that might bring a sparkly to their daily life.
Copy of 547311736_Yw5L7-L
Our past was not scary it a learning curve and an education and created a path towards today. Change is not a bad thing and it can scary but it is necessary to build a stronger community. No one is ruining the scene is just evolving into something different and it will be interesting to see where this path takes us.
I just sit back and watch it as it evolves on to the next stage of growth much like a baby as it moves from baby to toddler to teenagers and to an adult. I have high hopes for our next generations that will replace us as we have so many wonderful educators that reacheding out to so some many. We are one in all of this and feel that we must be there and support our community in a positive way and never forget the past but to move on to expect change. Change is a good thing and I embrace it and I still have my memories of the past and smile at the thoughts of those memories. The past is the past, I live in today and do think about tomorrow but tomorrow will happen and I’m looking forward to see what it will bring.
Rev Mel

True Authentic and Transparent Self

Mel_2014True Authentic and Transparent Self

 To truly know our self, we must “understand who we are, how we want to be perceived, as well as what we aspire to be~ Sindell & Sindell, 2014~

Audio Only

How does one give permission to their true authentic and transparent self? Where do we begin? We talk about being truly authentic and transparent but how many just mouths the words?

Every day we take this journey into our own lives and learn something new as we interact with love one’s, friends and strangers at each crossing.  With being in both worlds one vanilla and the other world of BDSM how do we stay authentic and transparent to ourselves and others?

Transparency reveals the character of a person and when you show Transparency it lets others know that you are a person of integrity and you honor yourself. Being authentic and transparent is a relationship with oneself and allowing others to see your true self.  The key to ones self is, transparency, authenticity and accountability as we walk in both worlds of BDSM and Non-BDSM world. We must not also forget the part of us called our soul as walk on the path of true authentic and transparent self.

Please listen to the audio recorded on my thoughts about being authentic and transparent.

Rev Mel

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Sacred Sexuality and Understanding The Dark Side Why is important to tap into the darker spectrum of sexuality and your unconscious mind to understand who you are? Why is it important to integrate both your dark and light through lovemaking and conscious connecting? How could we implement tantra to bring union to the soul and more pleasure to our every day lives? Dr. Ray will take you on a discovery of the soul and into deeper realms and possibilities regarding sexuality.

About Dr.Ray

Ray Doktor, Psy. D. is a relationship counselor, marriage and premarriage counselor, and dating expert who specializes in relationships, intimacy & communication. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology and practices in Santa Monica, CA. He has conducted workshops and lectures in the United States, Netherlands, Brazil, and England, including speaking engagements at UCLA and UC Berkley. He has shared the same stages with Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, and Eckhart Tolle. He has appeared on the E Channel, HBO, and KCAL 9 Los Angeles and has been quoted in and written articles for Psychology Today, Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, and Santa Monica Daily Press. You might have also heard him on Playboy Radio, LA Talk Radio, or Talk America Radio. Please visit raydoktor.com for more information.

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Where Has All the Compassion Gone?

pink stockingsI just read a posting on another site and there was so much anger in the post. I thought to myself where has all the compassion has gone. Have we lost human compassion for another? Is this where our BDSM community is going? We protect the predators that have a name and criticize the submissive for expressing him or herself post about it in a public form. Amazing when a negative post is put out their everyone rally s around it but when anyone post something positive it may get a comment here or there.

What will our future of BDSM look like as it does not look like it did 20 or 15 years ago. We have become a community of egos and have lost the core of who we are. Are we still in high school where bullies rule the world? I have seen thousands and thousands of people come into the lifestyle and never before have I seen so many people with bloated egos and contempt for our foundation of honesty and respect. Where are we heading as many of the older generation have stop coming to public events and the bullies are running scene.

What I have learned are not easy lessons but well worth it and would like to share what I have learned with you. Many of what I have learned is common sense and how to have compassion for another and not to let ego rule your heart and soul.

Each person has lessons to learn and it’s about taking responsibly for your actions what come and go in your life. It’s the lessons of life that you learn from and many of us keep making the same mistake over and over again because it’s a lesson that many of us have not quite really looked at yet. It takes two people to make a relationship work not just one.

Know thy self-first before you enter into a relationship, value yourself and think before you run into someone’s arm, bed or commitment. Don’t move fast and ask questions and put a side of the thoughts that this person will complete me. Complete yourself first and know who you are.

These are lessons that I’m still learning as many of us are trying to understand the big question WHY? It happens because we allow ourselves to open up our hearts and soul and let someone in.

Are we all healthy emotionally, NO, but it’s the lessons that we learn about our self’s that matter. We each take different a rode to get to the same place of self-respect some just get there sooner than others.

There is no right or wrong here and learning how to walk in other people shoes is very importance and it’s the first step in taking responsibly for our action, thought and reaction. Life is not just black and white is filled with such color and at times we lose our-self and make bad choices. By looking at the choices and seeing what part you played in is the rode to making better choices in the future.

Who here that has commented have not made a bad choice in their life and got hurt and went public and went on and on about it?

I try not to post things public of things of personal nature in a public form but I have done it with friends. Yes, many got sick of hearing me and would roll their eyes but when you’re in pain you are blind and can’t see what you’re doing. After time has passed and you have to reflect on how you played a big role in it all you realized a few things.

What you realized is that you picked that person for one reason or another and you allowed that person in your life. There was something that you needed from that person it could be the need to own a slave or the need to spank or whatever but taking responsibility is the first step.

Some of us are willing victims and some are not but each of us are on our own personal journey. When I see someone hurting I listen and respect that they are hurting but I have learned not to carry it round on my shoulders. Compassion for another is so importance and we go to play parties to play and at time we are so busy with our own addenda to really look at the person that is hurting. It’s easy to say that a person is unstable but when they are hurting they are, who has not felt this in their life time. We make wrong choices for wrong reason but we have to step back and really look at how we added to these choices and take responsibility for our actions. But that can happen only after time has healed the wounds and fragile ego.

We all have been there, as these are life lessons and without the life lesson how would we ever know about our self’s? These lessons have molded me into the person that I have become and for that I’m grateful. Without them I would have not known thy self and I would have stayed the willing victim in life. With life you just show up each day and let it take you to self-awareness where you find your true self.

Walk in peace, love and joy,
Rev Mel

Justin Sayne Independent Leather Designer on The Rev Mel Show

The Rev Mel Show live on Monday’s at 8 PM PST on TSRnetwork.com each week. Come and Join us in the chat room on TSRnetwork.com.

Justin Sayne is a independent Leather Designer, specializing in Fetish Leather. Justin began in May 2010, as a worker under Debbie Leather, in Arizona. Justin assisted in making corsets, cutting patterns, and designing Fetish toys. In the last 4 years, Justin has placed 3 toys in the Erotic Heritage Museum, been reviewed by Instigator Magazine, and has featured JSL product at high profile events across the country.
Hudsy Hawn AVN 2014 Interviews

Justin has always had a focus for safety, and it’s shown from the heavy duty Chicago screw bindings, to fashionable corset style armor for injured or sensitive bottoms, and all the way to breath play devices that release themselves.
Justin has a list of unique designs, seen nowhere else on earth. His “Flamethrower” and woven corset design are on display at the EHM. Each item is hand made by Justin and ultimately one of a kind.

Justin has recently started working with wild skin including, buffalo, elk, alligator, and is now offering custom products made in elephant, crocodile, giraffe, snake, shark, hippo and more.

Justin recently expanded his shop with new machines and is prepared for high output. Justin has a strong sense of community pride, and demands a high quality, safe product.

Justin is a veteran auctioneer, and will never refuse an opportunity to call a charity auction. His years of experience have been put to work raising funds for community members in trouble. Justin will never ask for a dime in return, and only asks for expenses if called out of state.

Justin resides in Mayer AZ.

Photos of Justin Leather Work..

















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Naughty or Nice with Miss Cassie
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This week her special guest will be Bettie Bondage.

Professional/Lifestyle Domme, BDSM performer and so much more.

Tune in to find out if Bettie is naughty or nice…

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The Words Lifestyle and Community

Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together. -Eugene Ionesco~

What comes to my mind is we as humans is we need a way to communicate so we use words and put labels on thing so we can understand each other. Some people think that putting labels on things is a bad thing, I think if we did not have some sort of labels in place that we would live in a world that would be just black and white.
We all have made a choice to come in to the BDSM community with all its bad and good. It seems like forever that we are all still here talking about the word Lifestyle. I like to call it my life choice as I chosen this way of life.

Lifestyle community are words and mean so much more than just words. We are vast, with millions of like-minded people with one goal and that is BDSM or something that has to do with it. I don’t have a problem calling it a Lifestyle. As lifestyle is just a word to express myself and what type of group I play in.
What community means to me a way of being a part of something bigger than just one or two like-minded friends. Some will say that we have no community but I beg to differ. In my mind body and soul I’m part of this community of very creative and loving kinky people that love BDSM and the freedom to be who we are.
We can twist around words but really we have the freedom to believe in community or not to. I believe in community and think that everyone one of us can make a difference.
I find peace that there are millions of people just like us when it concerns our Life choice or if you call it lifestyle, there is no right or wrong here. Every single one of us can make a difference to create a better place for all of us.

These are just words but its what’s is in your heart and mind that defines us and we just use these terms to communicate.
I’m proud to say I’m part of the BDSM Lifestyle Community and I will never tell anyone that they are wrong when they say it’s not a community as everyone has the right to believe in what they believe in.

I have learned more about myself in this community than I would have thought when I first discovered BDSM. The road was not away easy but it worth it as I have seen so much over the last 20 years and I’m still here, that has to say something about what we call lifestyle community?

It is who I am and I feel my first years was about learning my craft and going to parties and having fun but then it became a place where I could be of service. I have taken the ego out of BDSM for myself and replace with calm peaceful bliss. Being of service to our community has given me a sense of peace. I don’t play much anymore but I love to go the Lair de Sade and just sit in the main room and listen to the sounds. I find so much peace in those sounds and to me that is heaven and community and I feel it in my heart and soul.

Walk in peace love and joy.
Rev Mel
Founder of TSRnetwork.com

Would Like to Share a Story With You.

Just So Peace full

Just So Peace full

Peaceful place

Peaceful place

I would like to share a story with you. A few weeks ago I had I had an change to attend an event at Liberty Manor out in Texas for a pre-opening of this amazing glam-camp, camp ground that that is for the BDSM community. My friend Ms Manell a friend of mine was launching this amazing place where like minded people can go and be with other like minded people and have the freedom to be who we are and that is kinky.

Being a city girl and being out in the country was something that I had not done in all most 35 years. My glam tent was amazing and the place was about 30 miles outside of Houston on 1500 acres.

My Camp Site

My Camp Site

My Wonderful Bed

My Wonderful Bed

After a cool drink we got up on back of truck and sat on hay stacks and the hay ride began. As we drove around I felt something strange and pulled around a corner our host said over to the left is a small cemetery. My heart sank as I felt someone present that has passed. We got off of the truck and all of us walked over to the grave site. There was only two head stones there and one was child that was died as an infant and one that died at the age of 9. I could hear a voice in my head that just would not stop. It was this amazing energy that was bouncing all over the place. She kept trying to talk to me and I was taken back but I could not make out what she was saying.

The owner Ms Manell slave gus told me a story that the tombstone of the little girl was broken and they would

put it back together by standing it up and the next time they would go back to where it was and it was in pieces again. One day they put it together again and they started to walk away and they heard the ground tremble and loud noise. They went back to the grave site and the once again the piece were on the ground.

The Cemetery

The Cemetery

Gus asked me what feelings did get about the little girl and was she ok with us coming over the grave site. What I felt was that she was lonely and this was joyful for her as she just a lonely soul that was happy to have people around.  On her stone she died in 1900 and she has been alone all this time. She wanted to be known and wanted their attention and so she made know to them she was there.

We left the grave site but she followed me as I could not shake her present. In the course of the evening I meet new friends and we sat round the fire place as they keep talking about snakes and other types of things that come out and they were screwing around with me. I was more worried about the little girl that was sitting next to me on the ground at my feet then the snakes.

I went to sleep and slept under the covers but I could feel her. The next day we did what you do at such an event and eat and gather at the bonfire at mid night we got back on the truck on the hay stack’s and went back to the grave site. You see at mid-night it was her birthday so we took a glass candle and a teddy bear and places it on next to the tombstone. We could hear a train in the background and I asked the owner when the train was built. He said 1900 and it confirmed what she was telling me. The train sound was so comforting to her as she would listen to the sound of the train when she was alive.

We are all standing there and shut my eyes and started speaking in tongue and I started rocking. All of sudden I was pushed back with such a force that I was almost knocked over. There were two people standing next to me and caught me and at that moment I heard her voice in my head.

She cried out I’m sorry tell my mommy I’m sorry it was said over and over again in my mind. She keep saying I died because my mommy said don’t go out to the barn. I disobeyed my mommy. She keep saying this even as we walked away from the grave site. I had to two people walk me back to the truck and they place me inside the cab as I was shaking.

One of my new friends came back to my camp site with me and we talked for hours and he felt the same that I felt and we cried tears for this little girl that sat my feet. When I went to bed I told my new friend that the little girl was welcome to come and sleep in my bed. I felt her next to me and it was a feeling of joy and love. It was something that she was missing and what she need.

What was amazing was that I fell right to sleep and slept for hours. I woke up feeling so refreshed and loved. I could feel a feeling of peace from the little girl that would not leave my side. It felt like that some of my walls were broken down and I felt much softer and that it brought out the gentle part of my soul. She changed me!

That afternoon we did a self-hypnosis class and that’s when the little girl took over and talked to me more about how she died. She said it was at night and she went to the barn and climbed the latter to get something. Her mother told her not to go to in the barn during the day. She snaked out of bed knowing she was disobeying her mother. She talked so fast and was all over the place. I kept getting two different stories from her one was I feel off the second floor of the barn and the other was I died of infection. She kept telling me both things and I’m sorry mommy.

The next day I lead a meditation about past lives and it was an amazing time shared with such amazing people and as we came out of the meditation we shared what we saw. I was leading this so I did not go on the journey in the past lives, but what happens when I lead a meditation I have no control over what is said as my spirit guides take over me. The little girl was right next to me.

I was able to talk to her in a calm way and yes she died of both as she fell off the second floor she landed on a pitch fork and it did not kill her but the infection afterwards did. Her mother could not cope with losing her so she took her own life. The sadness and pain over took as I started to cry tears. I went back to my glam-tent after the meditation and was quiet as I my eyes cried over the pain of this child dealing with 125 years of guilt.  I could feel her pain and also the release of being able to share this someone. I felt she was a peace and she told me the owner of land was her protector and she told me to thank him.

The morning I was leaving she come to me and I close my eyes and told she was safe now and she was free from guilt. Her mother came to me and there was healing of two souls. I left knowing that she was now happy and could find peace.

The owner was at my meditation and on the way to the airport he told me as he cried that felt that he was her protector way before I placed my foot the grave site. Not only did this little girl touch my heart but she touched everyone’s heart that was there that weekend. She is now loved by so many and she happy.

Rev Mel

Ms Manell and gus will be interviewed on June 16 on the Rev Mel Show at 8 PM PST on TSRnetwork.com



Thizbee’s DomCon LA 2014 Photo Journal

Thizbee’s DomCon LA 2014 Photo Journal

What a great weekend! I’m sure if you take a look online you will find all kinds of photos of Pro Dominas and the Mistress Tea. But but here are pix I took of things I did this weekend: Hanging out with Poly family and loved ones, and meeting wonderful new friends as well!

Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, your photos, or any names I missed at:


Thizbee Sez, Vinzent, and Rev Mel


23This is my 8th DomCon and my 3rd year teaching my Poly and Kink class: Alphabet Soup. DomCon also happens to be Vinzent’s and my anniversary. For some of my loves I count the anniversary as the first time we finally met after months of chatting online. Some I count the first date. Some I count as the first time we did it. But since Vinzent likes to tell folks we had sex before we ever dated (it was a four way tripple penetration scene with Vinzent in my mouth).
We count the first time we said “I love you.”
But Feisty Geisty is the sub
that does all the real fun subby stuff now.
Proud to have her as my metamour!



The plan was to depart San Diego at noon on Weds via Amtrak. But the fires trapped me at the Santa Fe Depot until after 4pm.
So Vinzent drove down to get me.5
I finally arrived in LA at 2:45am that next morning4





                                                                                                                                                                      Over packing, again                             Santa Fe Depot, Downtown San Diego

 Friday Night at the DomCon Play Party at Sanctuary Studios LAX. Rope work by Thizbee Sez.


  This voluptuous lady made my rope all wet. Now I have something extra to add to my laundry. But with those curves that wreck my nerves…. I don’t mind!


These were my favorite classes from Saturday and Sunday afternoon:
• “Shit my Domme Says” By Danorama
• “Middling” – Three Way Play: Proxy Topping” By Danorama
• “Beyond Monogamy” By Mistress Lady Anastasia
• “Alphabet Soup” By Thizbee Sez
• “Daddy Dom / little girl Primer” By Daddy Vinnie and Lolita



My new Kinky Celebrity Crushes: Danorama and his girl Mia


My San Diego kinky buddies: Daddy Vinnie and Lolita


Here are just a few folks from my Alphabet Soup class. Even though technical difficulties kept me from using the PowerPoint presentation, we still had a great time. Thanks to all my class attendees!
You guys are fucking awesome!
And of course what DomCon is complete without the SHOPPING!!!!
These are some examples:









Leyland Toys are all Vegan. Just some amazing work.         For all my duck loving friends!
I got a short crop 2 years ago for my birthday
and its still going strong.


Can’t grow your own `hawk? Try Firebird Leather feather `hawks!
















Pink Ballerina and Black Latex Boots…                                      DomCon Pony Show display
Doesn’t get any better than that


Yet one more reason to LOVE DomCon…. Friends!


This is what happens when crazy spriral hair accessories and mohawks try to stand next to each other.












Captain Goddess Domina Mistress Lady Anastasia (….because she just doesn’t have enough titles!)

16 17















A little Blackula snack!                Luzia Lowe… Mohawk friends!



More San Diego Kinky buddies!

18 19














Vic Sharpe is a very sharp dresser!                                                        Ronin & lil Zoey


My favorite Play Party during the DomCon weekend is on Sunday night at the hotel.  Sometimes break down happens in the back ground, sometimes there isn’t much equipment, but that doesn’t matter because there always good friends and fun to be had by all!


Including me.  I don’t think of my self as a rope bunny but I do love watching Vinzent create.


21 22











Thizbee and Mistress Melissa…                                                   Alice who lives in a palce!

Just two moms hanging out.



Towards the end of the evening Mistress Cyan was passed a paddle with many signatures that would later be auctioned off for charity.  Submissives were asked if they wanted a wack to line up.  I asked if bottoms who just liked pain could take a turn, so I got in line.  Then after the first wack I asked for another, only harder! And she let me have it too…..Wow, that felt good!
















Lessons learned at this year’s DomCon:

  1. Call the Hotel more than a month before the event if you want a suite
  2. No matter how much you plan ahead, no matter how detailed your itinerary: Fire always wins
  3. Even after 8 years, I still over pack
  4.  “Please” and “Thank you” go along way
  5. Write down the level of your car on the little envelope the hotel gives you for your room key
  6. Japaneese flight attendents in their uniforms are HOT!
  7. 3 days in an airconditioned environment means lots of oatmeal moisturizer
  8. Carl’s Jr breakfast sandwich is not as good the third morning as it was the first
  9. Thizbee’s brain damage and florescent lights are not friends!
  10. The Hilton LAX has wonderful service, beautiful rooms, and lovely atmosphere; but there is nothing like coming home to your own bed!


This last year has been a busy one for me.

This last year has been a busy one for me…. Finding new people in my life, maintaining ongoing relationships, learning more and more strategies on how to successfully navigate my kinky and vanilla lives with brain damage. (I will be writing more about that in the future, consider it a teaser.) I have been to some play parties in both LA and San Diego. I taught an orientation class for groups in the San Diego Community. I took a trip to visit on old flame from 10 years back when I was living in a quad with 5 kids (3 of them mine). He is the only person I still talk to after all the drama of a large poly family coming to a close. And now what I am looking for to is:

It’s coming!!!!!!
So out there in other alternative communities, events are “buzzed about” and “previewed” and
“reviewed” (think ComicCon and E3 for the nerds in the room)… In that vein, here are my class recommendations. One of these is self promoting. Some are friends who have good stuff to talk about and some are just classes I’m looking forward to and am excited about.

These are the classes I am attending this year (and mine of course)


Here are some amazing people in my life who have reached that place in their journey where giving back to the community is part of who they are. Daddy Vinnie and Lolita are friends of mine from the kinky community in San Diego. I met them several years ago and have seen them grow as newish folks to the community on through starting their own munch that has met every month for over a year. I encouraged them to go beyond San Diego and share their style of kink at DomCon and here there are.
Sarge Servatis is another San Diego friend whom I am pleasantly surprised to see at DomCon this year. She is an amazing person. If you are attending Dom Con this year, please drop by their classes.
Vinzent, one of my BF’s and all around terrific human being, is teaching a Rope Class, go check it out.
I will be teaching a continuation class with Satyr this year on Poly and Kink. In the last two years my class was sorta of a Poly 101… and this would be more like 102. We are gonna tackle the hurdles in maintaining healthy poly relationships.
Also, currently not listed yet, but should be coming back again this year is Lady Anastasia’s class on Poly and the brain. If you are nerdy or poly or both, it’s a must. Science!
And on to the classes I am excited about attending!
These are subjects where I can always pick up new tricks, or hone my skills. I love to learn to new things!
I have sat in Simon Blaise’s class on Owning Your Kink, I highly recommend it.
I am also looking forward to The Middling class (yet another way to incorporate poly and kink) and the “Shit my Domme Says” because I think there is great power in how Doms/Dommes communicate with their submissives. This may make for future articles… as will all of DomCon.
So in a few weeks I will be letting know you how I survived and what I learned and all the fun things I came across. Until then, PLEASE feel free to send me a comment, suggestion, or questions