Abuse is Abuse

Abuse is abuse and our community has shut down the voices of the abused and put a label on it and that is drama. We are protecting the abuser and silenced the the ones that was abused. Yes, there are two side to every story but once the abused come out to the community they are attack. The abused hide in shame and emotional pain and it’s a lonely place to be.They feel lost and shut down and no where to go for help.

While the abuser is out abusing more and having a great time at it. With out even taking any responsibility for their action. Have you ever seen an abuser come out publicly and say yes what I did was wrong? There has only been one time have I ever seen this and it was at Insight at the Lair de Sade. Lord Dan gave a talk and talked about how he treated women and the said I’m so sorry that I did that it was not right. Now, that’s an amazing man to own up to his faults. That day he became a hero to me and he showed me that we must take responsibility for our actions in life and to give anyone that has been abused their voice.

Being an Ordained Minister many come to me with stories of abuse and I see the pain and shame in their eyes as the tears run down their faces. I can only listen and hold them in my arms and help them work though their pain. Many of the abusers are people that I know personality in the community. I have lost respect for so many as I have listen to the people that they have harmed.

Their big blotted egos is their trade mark as they hide in their blank eyes of the abuse they have done to so many. I know their secrets as I have listen to countless stories that I could write a book on it. Because things are told me in confidence I must keep all of this to myself and never talk about it publicly. But I have seen abuse first hand the negative mark that leaves on our community. This is real and we can’t hide from it as there is so much abuse in our life choice. Abuse comes in all shapes and forms and it leave a lasting imprint on ones mind, body and soul.

We will continue on this road if we don’t allow the abused to stand up and open a dialog about what they went through and stop telling them that your just making drama. We need to stop protecting these abusers as it is creating a very toxic world that we live in.

I as a Dom have seen this over and over again. Also, as Dom’s we sometime do not take our stories of abuse out to the public as we also hide in shame. We have one life to live in this body and our goal is to live it with honor and integrity if you’re abusing someone then you should own it and change your actions.

Just because you own someone does not give you the right to abuse them. Shame on anyone that does this as we are so busy protecting reputations of people who really don’t deserve it.

Walk in peace, love and joy,
Rev Mel

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Naughty and Nice with Miss Cassie Guest:David Lawrence

Naughty and Nice with Miss Cassie Guest:David Lawrence

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

Naughty or Nice with Miss Cassie live on TSRnetwork.com at 9 PM PST April 14, 2015 come and join us in the chat room. With guest the DavidLawrence april 14

From; his web site https://shibariartphotography.com/about-david-lawrence/
David Lawrence has been a master of expressive portrait, social function and people photography for more than 25 years. During that time styles and fads have come and gone but David’s methods have remained true and effective. The tenets his work is based upon are not a matter of style but of substance.

David became interested in Shibari, the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, in early 2003. With a keen artist’s eye, David recognized the inherent beauty of rope on skin. Shibari quickly became a passion, one that developed more intensely as he worked with and experienced the magic of rope. David’s talent and skill truly emerged as he delved deeper into the art of tying rope. His ties are meticulous, intricate, intense and beautiful. In fact, they are all true works of art.

David’s gift to us is his ability to expertly blend his two passions; rope and photography. As a result, his striking images communicate sensuality, eroticism, and the force of raw emotion. His use of lighting, angles, and sheer creativity is the key to his poignant imagery.

TSRnetwork Proudly Serving the Alternative Lifestyle Community There is not a street in United States that someone is not being tied to a bed, blindfolded and spanked. We are not that much different then the vanilla world. ,

Go to: [http://TSRnetwork.com/] or click on following links
Pop Up Chatroom,
We are the Real 50 Shades of Grey….

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The Rev Mel Show with Guest The Creators of Whiplr

The Rev Mel Show with Guest The Creators of Whiplr

Watch this video on YouTube or on Easy Youtube.

We are a talk show with no nudity and we talk about keeping people safe and the community safe. We are not porn and just interview authors and teachers in the life choice.whiplr

We are the Real Fifty Shades of Grey Talk Show as we highlight on education, safety and people in the know about this life choice.

The Rev Mel Show TSRnetwork.com at 8 PM PST April 13, 2015 come and join us in the chat room. With guest the creators of Whiplr.

From the Whiplr Blog:
Whiplr announce the launch of Whiplr – a messenger with kinks. Whiplr is the first mobile messaging app aimed squarely at people interested in fetish and kinks. The app is available for iOS on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

Whiplr works for you whether you’re an expert or just a beginner. Whiplr allows Curious Carl to learn from Experienced Emily. It’s a messenger with kinks that helps you communicate with like-minded people in a welcoming and secure environment.

TSRnetwork Proudly Serving the Alternative Lifestyle Community There is not a street in United States that someone is not being tied to a bed, blindfolded and spanked. We are not that much different then the vanilla world.

Where to watch the show?

Go to: [http://TSRnetwork.com/] or click on following links
Pop Up Chatroom,
We are the Real 50 Shades of Grey….

Shows Produced by M.A.P. Production and TSRnetwork

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For the Newbies and not so new by Warlock

07a3a7ade0d862eee07b01f328dc31a1_20090301103537_60For the Newbies and not so new..
by Warlock 17 days ago
Hi! And welcome to the exciting world of kink. I’m sure it feels very exciting, wonderful and fuzzy. !!! But !!! Please take a bit of time to understand what you are getting into, how to navigate this whole new world and how to keep yourself safe and sane.

Please be aware that this choice puts you in a very vulnerable place, even people who have been around a long time can slip and miss warning signs at times. Spend the time you need to educate yourself, read all you can, ask questions, make choices about what you desire or will not put up with and be firm on those choices.

Always remember “No means No” Without consent, what we do is abuse and punishable by law. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

To start you on your path to enjoyment I have a few links to various postings which I believe are informational, relevant and educational. It is by no means exhaustive, but there should be enough to spin your mind a little. Beyond that, proceed with caution, stay safe and enjoy life.

Some groups with various forms of information. As always, take everything with a grain of salt. Adopt what feels right to you and discard that which feels wrong or does not fit.


Novices & Newbies
What It Is That We Do
Morals and Ethics
BDSM Glossary
All I Need to Know about Play Parties, I Learned in Kindergarten
A Checklist

Bad behaviors

Sexual Predation

Some essential reading by various people..

Sub Frenzies
A guide to finding that first Dom
Defining Your appetites 1
Defining Your appetites 2

Creepy dom
Red Flags and Dating Tips
The “Don’t Fall for it” list
An essay on Predators

If you have a link that you feel would be of benefit to the community, please send it to me and I’ll post it here.


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Rev Mel will be on Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza on TradioV.com

Rev Mel will be on Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza on TradioV.com March 16th at 3 PM PST.

On Between the Sheets  Interview

On Between the Sheets Interview











Watch Recorded Show;


Lora Somoza
Lora Somoza is the host of the weekly “Between the Sheets with Lora Somoza” every Monday on TradioV.com and on iTunes.
Often referred to as “The Naughty Dear Abby” Lora is the author of the ebook “Bliss in the Bedroom” and a contributing columnist for The Huffington Post, LA Weekly and the Examiner, to name a few. Currently, Lora writes an online sex advice column that goes out bi-weekly to over 30,000 loyal readers all over the world with circulation growing everyday. Known for her blunt, straight talk laced with her own brand of humor, her readers are fiercely loyal followers.
Lora has been heard on The Playboy Channel, KABC Los Angeles, KBPI Denver, and The Naughty Show. She has also been a frequent guest on The Dr. Drew Show on HLN.



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So They Said It Would Not Last

1 - CopySo they said it would not last but 12 years of broadcasting just shows that we are here to stay. We have lasted longer then any other BDSM network or shows. We started doing just a radio show and then came the Live broadcasting TV shows and we are still live.

We are live because of the dedication of the show hosts and the guest and most of all the people that have tuned in live or watched the archive shows. Over the last 4 Years we have over 4 million viewers and in the last year over 800,000.00 have watched the show.

We have interview hundreds of guests that come live on the show and will continue to do educational and informative shows.

Losing the studio three years ago was a huge set back but the last year showed us that TSRnetwork matters and so many people wish us to continue. For all the critics over the last 12 years we are still here and broadcasting.

Our Hosts do this from a part of their heart that says We Love Our Community in BDSM. These day with so many people coming in from the book and movie Fifty Shades of Grey, TSRnetwork at time is the door way to the vanilla world where they can come and watch real stories and advice from real people in BDSM.

We do this because of the love of BDSM and from wanting to educate new people to our life choice. We do this because it’s in our hearts and soul. For all the critics over the last 12 years that have said to shut down we say to them we are still here and broadcasting and education and saving lives. We believed in what we are doing as we are watched all over the world and in every state here in the U.S.A. We now have friends all over the world and get lots of letters saying thank you.

TSRnetwork had documented the last 12 years of our life style with such amazing guest that it makes my heart spin. To all the host present and past and guest and viewers with that I say THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN US AND BEING A PART OF TSRNETWORK.COM The Real Fifty Shades of Grey.

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So it Begins The Hollywood Reporter “Student Charged With Sexual Assault Says He Was Re-enacting ‘Fifty Shades of Grey”

 Courtesy of Cook County Sheriff

Courtesy of Cook County Sheriff

The University of Illinois at Chicago student allegedly beat his victim with a belt while sexually assaulting her.

We will see more and more of this sort of press and actions. The book and movie is out there and now we must work on education and keeping our life choice safe. Leaders in your community must work together in educating people that coming into the life style. Sorry to say we will see more this in the up coming year from this book and the movie.

hollywood reporter


Excerpt from the Story:

A 19-year-old University of Illinois at Chicago freshman was arrested on Saturday, charged with one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault. He allegedly told police that he and the 19-year-old woman he was with were re-enacting Fifty Shades of Grey scenes.

Hossain allegedly proceeded to cover her eyes with a knit cap, remove the rest of her clothing and hit her with both a belt and his fists. When the woman told him to stop, started crying and began to wiggle her arms free, Karr said Hossain held her arms back and sexually assaulted her. Prosecutors said when Hossain’s roommate came home following the incident, Hossain held the door shut. Eventually, the woman left and called the police.

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Where are all the Fifty Shades of Grey Events? They have been here all the time.

thereal50-copyWhere are all the Fifty Shades of Grey Events? We have all been here well before the book or the movie. Countless people from all over the world have been living this life choice of Fifty Shades of Grey for thousands of years.

This is not going to change who we are or affect us in the long run. Fads fade out but the Real 50 Shades of people will never be just a fad.

I get so many people in my class S/m 101 Open Forum at The Lair de Sade that have read the book and are curious some will deiced that this is not for them and many will be our leaders of tomorrow. I support all the new people that keep our life choice going onto the future.

We are not a book a movie or adverting campaign we are real people that live breath this train of thought of BDSM and S/m and so much more.

Just like the Story of O, Exit to Eden, 9 1/2 Weeks and The Secretary it has not changed our life style and it might add a moment of excitement to our conversion but its not going to make us better or worst.

In a few months it will be Netflix, Amazon and Google Play and it will move into the past. it will be talked about about 20 years from now when someone do a fad timeline ..

So you want a Fifty Shades of Grey Event just go one of your local dungeons or munches and start really seeing what we are all about. Fifty Shades of Grey is just a book and a movie and nothing more. It does not represent who we are as a community or a life choice. We are who we are and nothing is going to change this.

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Kinky Spirituality

KINKY_REALKinky spirituality in my own opinion is a huge part of how we play and how we think. When a submissive goes into sup-space where do they go? Or a Dom in their Dom-space? To me spirituality is about energy exchange between the universe and myself. I’m not sure what is out there and not sure why strange things happen to me all the time. When I go to a play party it’s very soothing to my state of mind, body and soul.

The structure of BDSM has things that spiritual people live every day like honor, integrity, trust and kindness. When spirituality is added to this it changes the way we play and live.

You never know where the light will touch you and what I mean by the light is enlightenment. I have been in a dungeon with the music blaring and hot heated scenes going on around me and I felt the presents of spiritual beings. I have channeled a few of those being and could feel a vibration thought out my whole body as they talked to me.

Woo Woo or being in the moment can change your life and take you on a different road. You never know when spirituality will hit you and start showing up in your play and life.

My spirituality is like a long lost lover returning back to my bed as the we share an amazing sensual moment in time with each other. Many don’t believe in some of the dogma of spirituality and shy away from it but for people like me it is the place that grounds me to this life force.

What is wonderful is we all get to chose our life and our beliefs and still be involved in BDSM. We all don’t walk the same path and we all make different choices on how and what we believe. From the beginning of my life in BDSM spirituality has been a huge part of who I am. Without would be like losing a close loving friend.

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Fifty Shades of Dishes

Fifty Shades of Dishes The night is quiet and dark as thoughts run though my head. Off in a far room it waits and calls out to me. Are you going to come and do me? You do not want to make me wait. I know from the past what happens when I don’t obey and I wish never to feel the wrath of my dishes again. Holy Cow raced though my thoughts as I lay there with thoughts of long lean forks and spoons touching my wet hands. It sent shivers down my spine with memories of the how my dishes can control my every wish. Holy Geeeezzz!

When my dishes do not get their needs met they create a green slime that likes to give my hands a gooey feel and it is like when I see a spider and all I want to to do run. If I let it go to long the food get hard on the plates and my hands try to scrub it off but it’s always giving my hands a beating in the end. The smell over powers my senses and I sit in fear of what I’m going to find when I want in this strange room filled with stoves, refrigerator and pots an pans I don’t want to submit to my dishes but there is a need to please my dishes that I can’t understand. Holy Cow it has long knives.

I cry out I’m a Dominate and that i don’t switch but my dishes have power over me and will make me do what I wish not to do. They have no safe word and they do not give me after care. It just sits and waits for me and knows that I will break down and do it’s bidding.

The edge play that my dishes make me do is not what no sane dish could ever do to hands without harming them. Yes, as I feel the knife run across my fingers and the dishes make bubble sounds as the water turns red. This please my Master in the sink as blood play get their bubbles hot. Holy Geeez what have I become? But I moan with the thoughts of my dishes long forks brushing up against my flesh. It says it will hurt me or never harm me but alas it make face my limits at each moment.

I cry out red and it does not pay me any mind and keeps going in this sadistic manner. I yell out what about Safe, Sane and Consensual. My Master is into RACK and pays me no mind and will work me till each dish is cleaned in drying on the dish RACK. The long forks in the water take my breath away and I have no voice as I stand there at the sink and do what a good slave will do. Wait I’m not a slave I cry out and the water running out of the spout drowns out my voice. But. But I cry out and my dishes never stop taking me that place of subspace. OH My, Holy Cow I cry out. The pots and pans are endless as my hands are red from being over beaten.

My dishes know it’s all about them with their narcissistic personality disorder it waits and creates presser on me to surrender my will. I hear it calling from my dark room and I try to hid but in the end it will win. OH geeeez I’m helpless with these thoughts.

There is no warmth up in the shinny glasses basking in on the RACK because it’s all about their needs and not mine there will be no aftercare and their has been no contract made but it owns me. I am just a slave to my dishes and there is no way out. I

Wait…. Wait.. There is? Why did I not think of this? Yes, I must find a slave to fight with dark place that hides in my kitchen. There is light after all in the darkness. Holy Cow but long knives and forks and don’t forget about the spoons. Do they think that I will settle for a few moments with the spoons?

Written by Rev Mel on TSRnetwork.com

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