The Education of Taylor By Rev Mel


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  The Education of Taylor by Rev Mel

We are more than just a book We are real-life BDSM Players.
There is not a street in the United States that someone is not being tied to a bed and being spanked or blindfolded. We are not so very different

Who can tame Taylor as she runs through the streets of Beverly Hills looking for her next conquest? Travel within the city limits of Beverly Hills and mingle with the rich and famous. With parties and delicious restaurants to tempt your palate, see what “real life” in Beverly Hills is like. Movie stars, flashing cameras as Taylor sneak behind the facade and discover what really hides behind the great iron gates. Let your hair down and dance in the shoes of Taylor Sullivan her erotic imagination. She has it all or does she? Taylor inherited riches and fame but it came with a price. Can she set herself free by letting other souls merge with her erotic mind and body? Does Taylor dare to become the woman that she always wanted to be with no limits? What man or woman can master a woman who runs wild with the wind. Let the games begin.



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