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TSRnetwork Live Shows will be closed down after tonight’s show till the First Week in  November. Rev Mel’s Daughter is getting Married and Rev Mel helping out with the Wedding. See you all in November and we have some amazing interviews booked here at BDSM TV.

The Rev Mel Show Live Monday’s at 8 PM PST


Naughty or Nice with Cassie Live Tuesday’s at  9 PM PST

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10 Responses to Watch Live

  1. Ernest Benavidez says:

    Hey Cindy! Caught your show tonight. It was fun. I want to be a guest on your show too :-). -Ernest

  2. Ernest Benavidez says:

    Good job Cindy ‘

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kiinky KJalus is an amazing individual. I have been blessed to to have been a part of this the last few years. :)

  4. Stormy Styles says:

    You continue to inspire me…
    Hugz, Ms. Oregon State Leather 2013

  5. Ron Young says:

    Looking good Brother!

  6. aeast0228 says:


  7. Pingback: The Rev Mel Show with guest Dr. Ray July 28 at 8 PM PST -

  8. downtownwilly says:

    hi mel

  9. Blacksmith says:

    Hello Rev Mel

  10. luis says:

    Vix looking hot !

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