For the Newbies and not so new by Warlock

07a3a7ade0d862eee07b01f328dc31a1_20090301103537_60For the Newbies and not so new..
by Warlock 17 days ago
Hi! And welcome to the exciting world of kink. I’m sure it feels very exciting, wonderful and fuzzy. !!! But !!! Please take a bit of time to understand what you are getting into, how to navigate this whole new world and how to keep yourself safe and sane.

Please be aware that this choice puts you in a very vulnerable place, even people who have been around a long time can slip and miss warning signs at times. Spend the time you need to educate yourself, read all you can, ask questions, make choices about what you desire or will not put up with and be firm on those choices.

Always remember “No means No” Without consent, what we do is abuse and punishable by law. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

To start you on your path to enjoyment I have a few links to various postings which I believe are informational, relevant and educational. It is by no means exhaustive, but there should be enough to spin your mind a little. Beyond that, proceed with caution, stay safe and enjoy life.

Some groups with various forms of information. As always, take everything with a grain of salt. Adopt what feels right to you and discard that which feels wrong or does not fit.


Novices & Newbies
What It Is That We Do
Morals and Ethics
BDSM Glossary
All I Need to Know about Play Parties, I Learned in Kindergarten
A Checklist

Bad behaviors

Sexual Predation

Some essential reading by various people..

Sub Frenzies
A guide to finding that first Dom
Defining Your appetites 1
Defining Your appetites 2

Creepy dom
Red Flags and Dating Tips
The “Don’t Fall for it” list
An essay on Predators

If you have a link that you feel would be of benefit to the community, please send it to me and I’ll post it here.


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