This last year has been a busy one for me.

This last year has been a busy one for me…. Finding new people in my life, maintaining ongoing relationships, learning more and more strategies on how to successfully navigate my kinky and vanilla lives with brain damage. (I will be writing more about that in the future, consider it a teaser.) I have been to some play parties in both LA and San Diego. I taught an orientation class for groups in the San Diego Community. I took a trip to visit on old flame from 10 years back when I was living in a quad with 5 kids (3 of them mine). He is the only person I still talk to after all the drama of a large poly family coming to a close. And now what I am looking for to is:

It’s coming!!!!!!
So out there in other alternative communities, events are “buzzed about” and “previewed” and
“reviewed” (think ComicCon and E3 for the nerds in the room)… In that vein, here are my class recommendations. One of these is self promoting. Some are friends who have good stuff to talk about and some are just classes I’m looking forward to and am excited about.

These are the classes I am attending this year (and mine of course)


Here are some amazing people in my life who have reached that place in their journey where giving back to the community is part of who they are. Daddy Vinnie and Lolita are friends of mine from the kinky community in San Diego. I met them several years ago and have seen them grow as newish folks to the community on through starting their own munch that has met every month for over a year. I encouraged them to go beyond San Diego and share their style of kink at DomCon and here there are.
Sarge Servatis is another San Diego friend whom I am pleasantly surprised to see at DomCon this year. She is an amazing person. If you are attending Dom Con this year, please drop by their classes.
Vinzent, one of my BF’s and all around terrific human being, is teaching a Rope Class, go check it out.
I will be teaching a continuation class with Satyr this year on Poly and Kink. In the last two years my class was sorta of a Poly 101… and this would be more like 102. We are gonna tackle the hurdles in maintaining healthy poly relationships.
Also, currently not listed yet, but should be coming back again this year is Lady Anastasia’s class on Poly and the brain. If you are nerdy or poly or both, it’s a must. Science!
And on to the classes I am excited about attending!
These are subjects where I can always pick up new tricks, or hone my skills. I love to learn to new things!
I have sat in Simon Blaise’s class on Owning Your Kink, I highly recommend it.
I am also looking forward to The Middling class (yet another way to incorporate poly and kink) and the “Shit my Domme Says” because I think there is great power in how Doms/Dommes communicate with their submissives. This may make for future articles… as will all of DomCon.
So in a few weeks I will be letting know you how I survived and what I learned and all the fun things I came across. Until then, PLEASE feel free to send me a comment, suggestion, or questions

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