Thizbee’s DomCon LA 2014 Photo Journal

Thizbee’s DomCon LA 2014 Photo Journal

What a great weekend! I’m sure if you take a look online you will find all kinds of photos of Pro Dominas and the Mistress Tea. But but here are pix I took of things I did this weekend: Hanging out with Poly family and loved ones, and meeting wonderful new friends as well!

Please feel free to email me with comments, suggestions, your photos, or any names I missed at:


Thizbee Sez, Vinzent, and Rev Mel


23This is my 8th DomCon and my 3rd year teaching my Poly and Kink class: Alphabet Soup. DomCon also happens to be Vinzent’s and my anniversary. For some of my loves I count the anniversary as the first time we finally met after months of chatting online. Some I count the first date. Some I count as the first time we did it. But since Vinzent likes to tell folks we had sex before we ever dated (it was a four way tripple penetration scene with Vinzent in my mouth).
We count the first time we said “I love you.”
But Feisty Geisty is the sub
that does all the real fun subby stuff now.
Proud to have her as my metamour!



The plan was to depart San Diego at noon on Weds via Amtrak. But the fires trapped me at the Santa Fe Depot until after 4pm.
So Vinzent drove down to get me.5
I finally arrived in LA at 2:45am that next morning4





                                                                                                                                                                      Over packing, again                             Santa Fe Depot, Downtown San Diego

 Friday Night at the DomCon Play Party at Sanctuary Studios LAX. Rope work by Thizbee Sez.


  This voluptuous lady made my rope all wet. Now I have something extra to add to my laundry. But with those curves that wreck my nerves…. I don’t mind!


These were my favorite classes from Saturday and Sunday afternoon:
• “Shit my Domme Says” By Danorama
• “Middling” – Three Way Play: Proxy Topping” By Danorama
• “Beyond Monogamy” By Mistress Lady Anastasia
• “Alphabet Soup” By Thizbee Sez
• “Daddy Dom / little girl Primer” By Daddy Vinnie and Lolita



My new Kinky Celebrity Crushes: Danorama and his girl Mia


My San Diego kinky buddies: Daddy Vinnie and Lolita


Here are just a few folks from my Alphabet Soup class. Even though technical difficulties kept me from using the PowerPoint presentation, we still had a great time. Thanks to all my class attendees!
You guys are fucking awesome!
And of course what DomCon is complete without the SHOPPING!!!!
These are some examples:









Leyland Toys are all Vegan. Just some amazing work.         For all my duck loving friends!
I got a short crop 2 years ago for my birthday
and its still going strong.


Can’t grow your own `hawk? Try Firebird Leather feather `hawks!
















Pink Ballerina and Black Latex Boots…                                      DomCon Pony Show display
Doesn’t get any better than that


Yet one more reason to LOVE DomCon…. Friends!


This is what happens when crazy spriral hair accessories and mohawks try to stand next to each other.












Captain Goddess Domina Mistress Lady Anastasia (….because she just doesn’t have enough titles!)

16 17















A little Blackula snack!                Luzia Lowe… Mohawk friends!



More San Diego Kinky buddies!

18 19














Vic Sharpe is a very sharp dresser!                                                        Ronin & lil Zoey


My favorite Play Party during the DomCon weekend is on Sunday night at the hotel.  Sometimes break down happens in the back ground, sometimes there isn’t much equipment, but that doesn’t matter because there always good friends and fun to be had by all!


Including me.  I don’t think of my self as a rope bunny but I do love watching Vinzent create.


21 22











Thizbee and Mistress Melissa…                                                   Alice who lives in a palce!

Just two moms hanging out.



Towards the end of the evening Mistress Cyan was passed a paddle with many signatures that would later be auctioned off for charity.  Submissives were asked if they wanted a wack to line up.  I asked if bottoms who just liked pain could take a turn, so I got in line.  Then after the first wack I asked for another, only harder! And she let me have it too…..Wow, that felt good!
















Lessons learned at this year’s DomCon:

  1. Call the Hotel more than a month before the event if you want a suite
  2. No matter how much you plan ahead, no matter how detailed your itinerary: Fire always wins
  3. Even after 8 years, I still over pack
  4.  “Please” and “Thank you” go along way
  5. Write down the level of your car on the little envelope the hotel gives you for your room key
  6. Japaneese flight attendents in their uniforms are HOT!
  7. 3 days in an airconditioned environment means lots of oatmeal moisturizer
  8. Carl’s Jr breakfast sandwich is not as good the third morning as it was the first
  9. Thizbee’s brain damage and florescent lights are not friends!
  10. The Hilton LAX has wonderful service, beautiful rooms, and lovely atmosphere; but there is nothing like coming home to your own bed!


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