The Rev Mel Show with Guest High Lord Bubba Safe Knife Play

Safe Knife Play

Safe Knife Play

Monday, February 04, 2013 · 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
On your Computer and and Google Hangout
Cost: Free it’s on your computer
Dress code: Nude or bathrobe or what ever

Come and join us on the Rev Mel show on with guest High Lord Bubba for this informative show about Safe Knife Play from a long time practitioner of this artistic side of sensuality? Prepare to learn from a master of knives that has run with scissors several times, even against his mother’s advice!

If you missed his presentation at the Lair de Sade this weekend then you will enjoy this show all about Safe Knife Play here on at 8 PM PST Live.

Come and join us in the chat room and get your questions ready to be answered by High Lord Bubba.

Knife Play. One of the play categories that you don?t often see done well and safely. It can vary from a sensual touch to a freaky mind game, and every place in between. You too, can learn to play safely with what is truly known as the edgiest of the edge play topics! Done properly, it can create a bond between a Dom and a sub unlike no other? Done poorly, and well, you get the idea.

Knife play is yet another of our kinks that can be done at many levels. The potential risk can be minimized without detracting from the mind game. Knife play can easily be done without bringing blood. The dangers can be minimized, and we will teach you how to do it safely.

High Lord Bubba is a recent addition to the Los Angeles lifestyle group. HLB moved here from the Tampa Bay area where he was very active in the BDSM lifestyle. He has made numerous presentations on a variety of subjects such as knife play, fire play, bondage, lifestyle protocol, in his 25 years as a R/L Master and presenter.

He has frequently served as a Dungeon Master in charge for events with as many as 500 attendees. He is also the author of a 120 page lifestyle guidebook for a D/s, M/s support group in the Tampa area, along with his role as a Mentor for Doms and subs, newcomers and old timers alike as well as other DMs.

High Lord Bubba was given this name by an Old Guard mentor some 20 years ago, and has proven himself as a High Lord, who does not take himself, or others, too seriously!

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About Rev Mel

Rev Mel is a female Dom with over 20 years in the lifestyle and an ordained minister who firmly believes that religion and hot wet sex go hand-in-hand. She tells it like it is, and preaches that a life filled with indulgent sex is a life that?s fun, sanctimonious and worth living. To her critics, she responds, ?What?s the big deal? Our mothers and daughters do it? even the government representatives who want to control how sex is depicted in our culture do it ? sometimes in ways their constituents could never imagine.? Host of the Rev Mel show on each Monday night and she has interviewed Jay Wiseman, Venus De Mila, Guy Baldwin, Midori, Nina Hartley and so many other outstanding leaders in the BDSM Community. The Rev Mel is live on Monday nights at 8 PM PST Only on your place for Live Kink TV... She founded The Sacred Realm known as The Church of Perversion and Debauchery (COPAD) in Los Angeles and and the Sacred Realm and is a BDSM consultant, educator and freedom rider. The Sacred Realm is an alternative non-traditional spiritual group that embraces all sexual orientations and sexual practices. We welcome all lifestyles and anyone who wish to explore their spiritual side of life. Rev Mel is also the founder of BDSM Pride Day and the TSR Peoples choice awards a live broadcast from Hollywood, CA. BDSM PRIDE DAY is OUR day: a day of unity- a day for BDSM-coming-out ? a day of protest against discrimination ? a day of celebrations and parties ? SM Pride! The last 10 years Rev Mel have been teaching the S/m 101 open forum at the Lair de Sade a class for new people to this life choice.

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