50 Shades of Taste Cookbook Launched

50 Shades of Taste CookBook50 Shades of Taste is launched Thank you!

We wish to thank all of the members of the BDSM community for donating their recipe for this wonderful book to raise funds for TSRnetwork.com. If you sent us a recipe and its not in this book it will be put in the next edition. Plus if you miss the dead line for this book we will be putting out an notice with a link for the next book.

We wish to thank,
Rayna, Domina DeManda, Jay Smith,Sublime Cuisine, Sarah Flemming,
DrangonLady, Chaprizchka, Lew Rubens, Master Magnum, Lord Foul, Miss Alix
Amy A, Ken Marcus for your rescipes. Thank you taking the time to send us your recipes for such a good cause.

Link to buy the cookbook 50 Shades of Taste. It can be downloaded as an ebook or on your Ipad from Cookbook Cafe.


50 shades of Taste is a community cookbook to raise funds for TSRnetwork.com to help keep live TV broadcasting free for people who are into the BDSM life choice. TSRnetwork is an educational live free TV platform for the BDSM and Kink community that believes in education to keep it safe. It is the Real 50 Shades of Grey community that believes in education to keep life style players safe from harm.

Each recipe has been donated by members of the BDSM and Kink community. The people who submitted recipes are home cooks, chefs, foodies that love to cook and some are Dom’s, submissives, Masters, Mistress’s and fellow kinkters that donated there recipes to this cook book called 50 Shades of Taste to keep TSRnetwork going.

TSRnetwork.com is a not for profit BDSM / Kink TV network and we believe in education and getting out positive information and image about BDSM to members of the community and out in the vanilla world. Broadcasting for over 8 years and telling the real 50 Shades of Grey stories that are real and moving to many that have to hide that they are part of the BDSM community.

On TSRnetwork our guests have made us laugh, cry and touch hearts with their honest stories. We have learned that education must come first and for most on this journey of BDSM. We have had hard times and good times but we stayed on coarse of bring live free BDSM broadcasting to those that wish to be a part of something bigger then oneself.

We have learned what community felt like and found joy in the simple things like asking a question in the chat room while watching an interesting guest share their story. We have reached across the country and have learned how BDSM is in Oregon, Hawaii and other wonderful places, where we all have one thing in common and that is BDSM and kink.

This cookbook is about sharing and reaching out and bring a positive light to the world of BDSM as we are the Real 50 Shades of Grey and we are changing the world one Vanilla at a time.

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