Rebuilding TSRnetwork with an Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo Campaign To Rebuild TSRnetwork's Studio

We just launched an Indiegogo Campaign to get TSRnetwork Live Shows back up and running.

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Here is the link to the campaign

Let’s make a difference in our community and get Free Kink TV back on the air-waves. is a free, live broadcasting network that centers on education and safety. We are the Real 50 Shades of Gray. We believe in Safe, Sane, and Consensual Play and Relationships. We are not your grandmother’s TV show; we are so much more.

TSR Network creates live, free, educational TV talk shows for the net. We have broadcast over 3,000 live show s and have saved many lives through our open dialogues. Since its launch in 2009, more than 3 million unique viewers have tuned in. We have been able to answer many questions about this life choice and have educated many on how to play safely.

We lost our studio in Hollywood, CA. in mid-2012 when our building was sold. We put the studio into storage within 15 days of being told that we had to vacate. It took 6 months of construction to build our second floor video village, and we lost it all in 15 days.

Our goal is to rebuild and return to the airwaves as soon as possible. We built a studio with guts and love and the desire to help our community and educate new people coming into the life choice. We are looking forward to building a new studio so that we can bring back our wonderful hosts and get back to broadcasting live, free, and educational shows. Our mission continues to be to delve into the positive aspects of the BDSM life style and to equip our audience and their friends with the tools to understand this path. Honesty, integrity, relationships, negotiation, and trusting your instincts are some of the topics we focus on to equip our audience with the ability to maintain their personal security, while taking fun to a whole new dimension.

We have thousands of tapes of interviews of some of the top national people that help to make our community a safer place. Education and safety is why we do these shows, mixed with lots of humor and as Venus De Mila says, “Lots of Love.” One of our goals is to make prior interviews available, while also creating new content and having new discussions. Yes, we may talk about sex and lifestyles, but we also educate. Our shows are done with taste and are loaded with lots of information to keep you safe.

We also produce BDSM Pride Day “BDSM PRIDE DAY is OUR day: a day of unity- a day for BDSM-coming-out – a day of protest against discrimination – a day of celebrations and parties – SM Pride!”

Click on link to watch sample video of our 7 hour Pride Day 2010 broadcast:

BDSM Pride Day and the TSRpeople’s Choice Award First Year


What we are not: We are not a porn site or a sex site. Our content is for consenting adults who are interested in power exchange relationships with other consenting adults.

Founder of TSRnetwork.comRev Mel is a Female Dom with over 20 years in the lifestyle and is an ordained minister and a BDSM Consultant, educator and freedom rider.

As host of The Rev Mel Show on, she has interviewed Jay Wiseman, Venus De Mila, Guy Baldwin, Midori, Jack Rinella, Nina Hartley, and experimental show maker music legend Kim Fowley, as well as so many other outstanding leaders in our BDSM Community.

Quote from Rev Mel: “There is not a street in the United States that someone is not being tied to a bed, blindfolded, and spanked. We are not different. We are lawyers, doctors, teachers, and we cross the spectrum of average people looking for a little spark in their lives.”

When we lost our Hollywood studio, we had just started bringing in enough funds to pay the bills, in order to be self-sufficient. We are, and always will be, a free TV network for our viewers via commercial sponsorship’s.


The Impact on the World

BDSM has been given a bad rap, because many more people are coming into the life choice and not knowing that they can really hurt someone. Here on, we do talk about safety and give demos on how to not harm anyone. 5O Shades of Grey may have opened up our community to new people, but there is so much learn. We bring you to the table to think before you jump into something that is unknown to you and your partner.

On our shows, our subject matter has included how to clean your toys, how to keep from getting hurt in play, and how to date in the BDSM world. Our interviews have talked about human trafficking; one young lady shared how she survived her ordeal of being kidnapped and held captive for three months. Her important message is to not trust someone just because they say they are a Dom or a Mistress. We have saved lives with our open discussions about this life choice and opened up a continual dialogue on to keep our community safe.

Through our interviews, we bring educators to your living room and give you the ability to call in your questions or post them in the chat room. Jay Wiseman talked about BDSM and the law. Guy Baldwin talked about the mental health aspects of keeping oneself safe. The list is long on who we have interviewed and the important information they have shared. TSR Network offers the first and only programming dedicated to the BDSM life choice and your safety.

The goal of our outreach program is to help young women and men who have been abused in the name of BDSM and to provide them with a safe place to heal until they can take care of themselves. We look forward to providing a hotline with trained volunteers to better assist our community. We believe in Safe, Sane and Consensual relationships based in trust, not abuse.

Other Ways You Can Help

Help get the word out, and make some noise about our Indiegogo campaign.

Share this link with others on the net, and use the Indiegogo share tools.

Volunteer to help out with the live shows when we are up and running.

Donation of clothes and food for our outreach program.

Link to Campaign



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About Rev Mel

Rev Mel is a female Dom with over 20 years in the lifestyle and an ordained minister who firmly believes that religion and hot wet sex go hand-in-hand. She tells it like it is, and preaches that a life filled with indulgent sex is a life that?s fun, sanctimonious and worth living. To her critics, she responds, ?What?s the big deal? Our mothers and daughters do it? even the government representatives who want to control how sex is depicted in our culture do it ? sometimes in ways their constituents could never imagine.? Host of the Rev Mel show on each Monday night and she has interviewed Jay Wiseman, Venus De Mila, Guy Baldwin, Midori, Nina Hartley and so many other outstanding leaders in the BDSM Community. The Rev Mel is live on Monday nights at 8 PM PST Only on your place for Live Kink TV... She founded The Sacred Realm known as The Church of Perversion and Debauchery (COPAD) in Los Angeles and and the Sacred Realm and is a BDSM consultant, educator and freedom rider. The Sacred Realm is an alternative non-traditional spiritual group that embraces all sexual orientations and sexual practices. We welcome all lifestyles and anyone who wish to explore their spiritual side of life. Rev Mel is also the founder of BDSM Pride Day and the TSR Peoples choice awards a live broadcast from Hollywood, CA. BDSM PRIDE DAY is OUR day: a day of unity- a day for BDSM-coming-out ? a day of protest against discrimination ? a day of celebrations and parties ? SM Pride! The last 10 years Rev Mel have been teaching the S/m 101 open forum at the Lair de Sade a class for new people to this life choice.

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