The Rev Mel Show Live

November 24, 2014 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
TSRNetwork BDSM TV Live
Rev Mel

The Rev Mel Show Live on TSRnetwork

The Rev Mel Show Live Free BDSM Kink TV Monday Nov 24 @8 PM PST on

The show is online Live so it can seen all over the world and is produce in Hollywood CA.

Join us in the chat room for the live show and add to the conversation Live.

Rev Mel’s Guest will be Ms Cynthia from CM HURT Studio…Tattoo, Piercing, Branding, Cutting & more. Orange County, CA

Ms Cynthia Bio:

I am a proud member of Alliance of Professional Tattooists(APT), NTA (National Tattoo Association), APP (Association of Professional Piercers) & SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals). Come see me for all of your body art and modification needs.

When not Tattooing, Piercing, Branding and Cutting, I teach and mentor at an ongoing Skills Workshop at my Studio that meets monthly and lasts a year. The Workshop is in it’s 14th year! My absolutely fabulous students have gone on to lead groups like Threshold, OCLA, Club X, LARAWW and UFLB and many have become BDSM educators themselves.

Over the past 20 years I have traveled and taught extensively, with over 500 workshops taught at over 75 different clubs/events/venues on over 60 differant topics. I am available if your local group or event is seeking a world class, knowledgeable, professional, experienced, funny and sexy, kinky presenter! Topics List and References are available. List of previous venues at the bottom.

I have had the pleasure and honor of serving on the Boards of Threshold and the Leather Leadership Conference. I sit on the College of Mentors of OCLA and have received many community service awards.

Work of mine has been published in several magazines, 2 books, and 6 documentaries, in addition to many web articles. I have consulted on BDSM for the film industry.

I have been a professional Dominatrix for over 20 years…and still love it! I have a full scale Dungeon, with the best of toys, tools and equipment. I LOVE Medical Play, and really like almost everything else.


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About Rev Mel

Rev Mel is a female Dom with over 20 years in the lifestyle and an ordained minister who firmly believes that religion and hot wet sex go hand-in-hand. She tells it like it is, and preaches that a life filled with indulgent sex is a life that?s fun, sanctimonious and worth living. To her critics, she responds, ?What?s the big deal? Our mothers and daughters do it? even the government representatives who want to control how sex is depicted in our culture do it ? sometimes in ways their constituents could never imagine.? Host of the Rev Mel show on each Monday night and she has interviewed Jay Wiseman, Venus De Mila, Guy Baldwin, Midori, Nina Hartley and so many other outstanding leaders in the BDSM Community. The Rev Mel is live on Monday nights at 8 PM PST Only on your place for Live Kink TV... She founded The Sacred Realm known as The Church of Perversion and Debauchery (COPAD) in Los Angeles and and the Sacred Realm and is a BDSM consultant, educator and freedom rider. The Sacred Realm is an alternative non-traditional spiritual group that embraces all sexual orientations and sexual practices. We welcome all lifestyles and anyone who wish to explore their spiritual side of life. Rev Mel is also the founder of BDSM Pride Day and the TSR Peoples choice awards a live broadcast from Hollywood, CA. BDSM PRIDE DAY is OUR day: a day of unity- a day for BDSM-coming-out ? a day of protest against discrimination ? a day of celebrations and parties ? SM Pride! The last 10 years Rev Mel have been teaching the S/m 101 open forum at the Lair de Sade a class for new people to this life choice.

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