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Your Own Real 50 Shades of Grey House Party to Share with Your FriendsLearn about BDSM from Real Players in the Scene

There is not a street in United States that someone is not being tied to a bed and being spanked or blindfolded. We are not so very different


 Erotic BDSM and Kink

The Art of Spanking for Beginners

Silk scarfs, Rope and Leather

Erotic play to spice up your bedroom BDSM Style.

The Art of Sensual Sensation Play for Beginners

Adult Play what it can do for your sex life?

BDSM 101 Open Forum

Are we sick and why we do this?

What does Honesty and Integrity have to do with BDSM

All about Safety and things will help you stay safe.

Negotiations and Beginning Scenes for everyone.

How to find your perfect mate and what is collaring and contracts all about.

Advance Classes 3

What is subspace and how to find your Dom space.

How to tell your love ones about BDSM and your Kink.

How to embrace BDSM Pride within your self without outing yourself to the vanilla world

The Key to primal play and open up to a new way of playing without toys

Energy play is it real and if so how can I do it.

Advance Classes 4

Light Bondage

Fear Play it’s not just a state of mind.

Never to forget to laugh and keep the spark in your play.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensation Play

Advance Classes 5

How to use a paddle

How to use a flogger

Single-tail made easy

Impact Toys how to use them

Erotic BDSM Play hands on.

Dungeon Tour Class

This class is given at a BDSM Dungeon and you will be able to try out all the different toys and erotic furniture. Great for couples that that wish to explore the kink realm in real time.

One on One Couple Classes

One on One Couple Classes are for new people that wish to learn how they can do this as a couple. This is a one on one class with Rev Mel in the privacy of your home or at a private dungeon space.

Extra Classes 

We can teach you all the classes on line with live video broadcast in your home:



Comes With Every Block of Classes

Open forum Conversations with Rev Mel, yes ask her anything no question will go unanswered.

Check list on BDSM and fetishes

Safety Manual

Work Book

Book Classes for your private event or in your dungeon or city:

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