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Oh you want to be guest on

Oh you want to be guest on

Want to be guest on a Show? 

Ever wonder what it would be like to be guest on ? Do you have a great story or a point of view that you wish to share with others? Did you write a book or do you teach classes in kink and BDSM. Email us with your story here and we will get back to you.

How can we hear your story?

1. You can be live in the studio if you’re in Los Angeles

2. Web cam works so you can be any where.

3. Can’t be seen but you can be heard? You can call on the phone and we can listen to you story.

4. Video tape yourself and send it to us and we can broadcast it.

So Please tell us your story and join in the education of so many BDSM folks all over the world and make a difference.

Click on Link Below to send us an Email and we will send back an email on where to send your tapes if you have made one.



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